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Major Milestone for Trend Media's flagship app

Thursday 3rd September 2015 - Kingston, Jamaica: Loop News, the Caribbean's leading news resource, today announced that it has hit a major milestone having reached a whopping 500,000 downloads from the Google Play store since its entry in the market just over a year ago.

Following on from its early successes in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Cayman and Curacao, the app, which showcases the best local, regional and international news, was recently launched in several new countries including Haiti, St. Lucia, Suriname, Aruba and Bonaire. To complement the new market launches, Loop released a new and improved version of the app for both Android and iOS users - as well as launching a Windows Phone version for the first time.

Speaking from the company's Kingston, Jamaica headquarters, Trend Media Group CEO, Richie Kelly, said; "Today is a terrific day for Loop, celebrating such an important milestone and reaching so many users across the Caribbean.  As a Caribbean company, born and bred, we are extremely proud to have passed that 500,000th download so soon after launch - a fantastic achievement and testament to our hard working teams across the region."

"That said, this is only the beginning! We're in the process of finalising another major release of our app which will come with many more great new features – further cementing our position as the go-to app for news in the region. With such a huge reception for Loop in such a short period of time, we are now setting our sights on 1 million downloads and 10 more market launches before the year is out. Watch this space," concluded Kelly.

With its cutting-edge product development and unique local news offering, the Loop news app has seen exponential growth, making it the Caribbean's number one news app in just six months.

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Head of Marketing
Tel: +1876 470-9129


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DCP Novelette Grant calls for affirmation

Image result for novelette grant
by Jean Lowrie-Chin
Observer column for MON 24 Aug 2015
Deputy Commissioner of Police Novelette Grant requested applause for saxophonist Malik Hamilton after his cooling performance in the warm Alfred Sangster Auditorium at UTECH last Wednesday. The keynote speaker at the UTECH ‘Fi Wi Jamaica’ Project launch, Ms. Grant said Jamaicans are becoming “too quick to criticize rather than to applaud”. She shared with us the anguished comments of a young man from St Catherine: “Whole a oonu a throw down stress pon man! Police, family … like we a prisoner!”
DCP Grant appealed, “We need to pay attention to how we communicate verbally and non-verbally.  There is such a lack of kindness and positive feedback that our young men feel like giving up. We have to make the effort to give more praise.” 
In order to bring our youth on board, Ms. Grant said, “We need to get them to tune in to WIFM – this means, ‘What’s In it For Me?’ In other words, we have to get our youth involved and engaged by planning events that they feel are empowering.” She cited research from PIOJ which showed that “crime, violence and the weakness of our justice system were undermining every aspect of society”, and warned that we are running the risk of being classified as a failed society.  She said while we get the statistics on physical crimes, these do not capture the verbal and psychological abuse that is rampant. 
She noted that the loving, safe environment that she enjoyed as a child growing up in Westmoreland was no longer a reality for many of our children.  She says this was creating so much anger in them that even when they migrate, there are manifestations of this anti-social behaviour.  She described the ‘pipeline’ along which children progress: “Home to Community to School to Society”, and said that it was too late to try to tackle the problem at the end of this journey. 
“Where were you as a society at the beginning of this journey?” she asked. “Too many of us are absent.  We need to get involved and become more engaged.”  She noted that because of the absent father in households, our boys need positive role models as they are now linking masculinity with gunmanship. She urged more awareness of domestic violence and training in mediation.
 'IPAD' acronym
She said that as the Police reach out to our youth, they are using the acronym IPAD as a guideline: assisting the youth to discover their Identity; helping them to identify their Purpose; developing a positive Attitude; shaping their Destiny.  She appealed to UTECH to ensure that counselling is available to students as there are many accomplished students who have difficulties in the workplace because of attitudinal issues. 

Governor-General Dedicates Life Improvement Project In His Native Village

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen today (Tuesday, August 25) told members of his  hometown that he has a once in a lifetime opportunity which he is using to encourage Jamaicans from all walks of life to believe that together we can build a better Jamaica of which we can all be proud. 
Sir Patrick Allen and Lady Allen are given a tour of the facilities by a Hi Pro Feeds representative. Also being toured are Mrs. Alasia Reid(left)- PRO Fruitful Vale Projects Development Committee, Daryl Vaz (2nd left) - West Portland Member of Parliament and Mrs. Jean Lowrie Chin (front) – Chairperson Digicel Foundation.
Sir Patrick Allen was speaking at the handover ceremony of the Fruitful Vale Life Improvement Project in which his community folks are provided with a viable mean of employment and economic independence through the rearing of livestock. 
Sir Patrick Allen (partially hidden) and Lady Allen gives their undivided attention to the delicate chicks in the coop while touring the facilities.
“The spirit of cooperation which is at the heart of this community is one of the factors that has attracted such widespread support from state agencies and now the Digicel Foundation,” the Governor General stated.
He added that, “What is being demonstrated is the rich rewards that can be realized when communities work together.”
Chairperson of the Digicel Foundation, Mrs Jean Lowrie Chin in her address commended His Excellency and Lady Allen for what she termed their dedicated and caring hands in impacting communities through youth empowerment and people development especially with his, I Believe Initiative.
Member of Parliament for West Portland, Mr. Daryl Vaz equally commended Sir Patrick Allen for his sense of care towards his and other communities across Jamaica. He emphasized that the development is for the good of every member of the Fruitful Vale neighborhood.
Hi Pro Feeds a partner in the project and the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) were called upon to use technology to develop systems that can help to make the project sustainable.
Members of the Fruitvale Benevolent Society who are the managers of the project have reportedly sold $1.6 million worth of chicken since the Life Improvement Project started in 2014.
The Governor General’s last official visit to the community was May 2014 for the opening of the Fruitful Vale Multipurpose Complex, the Fruitful Vale Information Technology Centre and the Fruitful Vale Water Supply System. 

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Jamaica 3rd in World Championships Medal Table

Great photo by Ricardo Makyn!!
 See full report at

 Check the populations of the top three countries as I found in Wikipedia and tell me if Jamaica is not the land of awesomeness!!! - Jean Anita

Medal table (Top five)
Kenya - 6 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze. Total: 11 (pop 45,010,056)
United States - 4 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze. Total:14 (pop 321,605,012)
Jamaica - 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze. Total: 9 (pop 2,889,187)
Great Britain and Northern & Ireland - 3 gold and 1 silver. Total: 4
Poland - 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze. Total: 6

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Crash with UWI Students brings road fatalities to 241!

Message from Dr Lucien Jones, Convenor and Vice-Chairman, National Road
Safety Council:

Shanice Simmonds
All lives lost on our roads matter to us in the NRSC. And that's why we work
so hard and try and galvanize the entire nation to take this matter of road
safety seriously. However, when two young people - Shanice Simmonds and O'Shane Reid who were University
students with so much potential to make an impact on our society, if not the
world, perish along with the other 239 who have died on our roads so far
this year, it's time, in fact past time as we are ' two late', for us really
begin to use our roads much more carefully.

O'Shane Reid
In that respect then, top of the list of things to do is to reduce ' loss of
control' due to excessive speeding and careless or distracted driving as
noted in data coming from the Mona Geoinformatic Centre at the UWI. And
which data on road fatalities and crashes is updated daily and available
on its website. The main problems responsible for distracted driving in
other jurisdictions include, the use of cell phones while driving in
general, and texting and driving in particular, and driving under the
influence of alcohol.

Whilst there is some insight into the reasons for distracted driving in
Jamaica, further research is needed to identify the specific causes. The
problem of road safety in Jamaica is further compounded by the high levels
of motor bike riders and pedestrians who are dying on our roads. The NRSC is
therefore actively developing partnerships in Jamaica which will, in the
near future, facilitate the kind of research needed to help to combat the
spiralling number of road traffic fatalities.

In the interim we look forward to the introduction of some kind of
Electronic Surveillance System about which we have been lobbying for some
time now, the passage of the new Road Traffic Act which thank God is
imminent, the fine tuning of the Ticketing System, the provision of
additional bikes and cars for the police, and other measures which will
assist the traffic police in enforcing the road traffic act, while
continuing to engage in Public Education.

To all the loved ones of the 241 victims who have died on our roads for this year, we offer
our sincere condolences, and pray for comfort in particular at this time for
the Students of the UWI who are mourning the tragic loss of two of their

Finally it worthy of note, that we are not alone in this struggle to reduce
fatalities. As a 2nd Global High-Level Road Safety conference, organized by
the UN in partnership with other agencies, will be held in Brazil on
November 18-19. And the goal of this ongoing worldwide collaborative effort
is to reduce the predicted significant increase in roads deaths by one
half. It is expected that Jamaica will be representated by a high level
delegation. Hopefully additional resources to fight this modern day scourge
will attend our participation and efforts in this major International

Dr. Lucien W. Jones

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Dubai Miracle Garden

Beautiful mail from Turo Ziadie ...
The Dubai Miracle Garden features over 45 flower species imported from all over the world
Dubai Miracle Garden is world's biggest                          flower garden. It is situated in the North                          West Quadrant of Arabian Ranches interchange
Miracle Garden is world's biggest flower garden.  It is situated in the Northwest Quadrant of Arabian Ranches Interchange.

This amazing tourist                          attraction is a Guinness Record Holder for the                          Largest Vertical Garden. Also popular is the                          heart shaped flower beds at the Alley of                          Hearts
This amazing
tourist attraction is a Guinness record holder for the largest vertical garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden                          has more than 45 million blooming flowers with                          stunning colour combinations achieved through                          45 different flower varieties and colour
Dubai Miracle Garden has more than 45 million blooming flowers with stunning
color combinations.

Bordered by                          windmills, this area provides parking, sitting                          areas, a prayer room and shops for visitors to                          Dubai Miracle Garden
Bordered by windmills, this area provides parking, sitting areas, a prayer room and shops for visitors to Dubai Miracle Garden.

The Dubai Miracle                          Garden features a sensational 45 million                          flowers over a 18-acre site, from breathtaking                          flowerbeds to heart-shaped archways and                          adorned castles
The Dubai Miracle Garden features 45 million flowers over an 18-acre site.

The spectacular                          bonanza provides a colourful oasis for the                          eyes of city workers, who can escape to the                          natural splendour
The spectacular bonanza provides a colorful oasis.

In order to create a                          fresh experience for guests visiting the                          rainbow gardens, the displays are changed                          seasonally
In order to create a fresh experience for guests visiting the Rainbow Gardens, the
displays are changed seasonally.

These have included                          millions of flowers in the shape of the UAE's                          flag, floral clock, a Ferrari car with driver                          decorated by flowers, a vertical buried car                          zone, flower apple structures, artificial                          animals, flower boats and an Islamic Arch                          Design
These have included millions of flowers in the shape of the UAE's flag, floral clock and a Ferrari car with driver decorated by flowers.

At the moment, there                          are 45 species of flowers in the garden, which                          are imported in from all around the world
Right now there are 45 varieties of flowers in the garden, which are imported in from all around the world.

If the natural                          landscape was not incredible enough, what                          makes this attraction particularly impressive                          is the unique sub-surface irrigation system                          that recycles waste water via drip irrigation                          while avoiding evaporation and saving up to 75                          per cent of water and energy
What makes this attraction particularly impressive is the unique sub-surface
irrigation system that recycles waste water via drip irrigation
avoiding evaporation and saving up to 75 per cent of water and

A fantasy flower                          house at the Miracle Garden, which has plants                          growing over its turrets, doors, walls and                          towers
A fantasy flower house at the Miracle Garden, which has plants growing over its
turrets, doors, walls and towers.

A pathway shaded by                          umbrellas at the Miracle Garden, provides a                          colourful walkway for visiting guests
A pathway shaded by umbrellas at the Miracle Garden provides a colorful walkway for visiting guests.

Peacock topiary                          covered in an array of colourful flowers at                          the largest natural flower garden in the                          world
Peacock topiary covered in an array of colorful flowers at the largest natural flower garden in the world.

There is no limit to                          the imagination gone into the design of the                          gardens, which include flowers streaming like                          hair from a giant human
There is no limit to the imagination that has gone into the design of the gardens, which include flowers streaming like hair.

Barrels tipping                          streams of flowers, and peacocks with                          colourful plumages are featured in the                          creative attraction
Barrels tipping streams of flowers, and peacocks with colorful plumages are
featured in this creative attraction above.

Even Disney                          characters such as Mater from Cars can be seen                          at the Dubai oasis, of course decorated with                          flowerbeds
Even Disney characters such as Mater from Cars can be seen at the Dubai
oasis, of course, all decorated with flowerbeds.

Giant structures can                          be viewed in the park, covered from top to                          bottom in an array of flowers
Giant structures can be viewed in the park, covered from top to bottom in an array of flowers.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce: "the empress of sprinting"

IAAF Report: women's 100m final – IAAF World Championships, Beijing 2015
Montage from
Twenty four hours ago, it was Usain Bolt who maintained his considerable reputation and on Monday it was the turn of his compatriot Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, as she added to her growing legacy as the possibly the greatest female sprinter in history.
Despite facing the fiercest of competition, the diminutive Fraser-Pryce continues to defy her lack of inches to deliver time and time again.
No matter how hard her rivals try, nobody can knock the outgoing Jamaican from her perch as the empress of sprinting.
Just like Bolt, Fraser-Pryce first revealed herself to the world at the Bird’s Nest Stadium seven years ago, striking 100m gold at the 2008 Olympic Games, and she has since largely dominated her event since then.
Tonight was her record-breaking third consecutive world women’s 100m title to add to her successive Olympic 100m titles.
No woman in history can boast of as many global 100m titles.
It was also her sixth World Championship gold medal and she now sits on her own as the woman with the second highest total of golds in the 32-year history of the event, one clear of five-time world champions Gail Devers, Sanya Richards-Ross and Tirunesh Dibaba. US sprinter Allyson Felix is top of the pile on eight gold medals.
Tonight was another supreme example that we are witnessing a very special talent.
The 28-year-old Jamaican, sporting an unusual look of green hair with five yellow sunflowers on the fringe, has an uncanny ability to reach top speed quicker than her rivals out of the blocks, although it has be noted that tonight her reaction time was only the sixth best of the eight finalists.
By 30 metres, the Jamaican ‘Pocket Rocket’ had already established a gap on her rivals with her countrywoman Veronica Campbell-Brown – one of a trio of Jamaicans in the final – prominent with US champion Tori Bowie also in the mix.

Schippers shifts gear in the second 50m

As Fraser-Pryce continued to maintain her advantage, it was actually the long-striding European champion Dafne Schippers who presented the Jamaican’s most demanding challenge over the second half of the race.
Competing in the familiar Dutch orange, Schippers started to make significant inroads on Fraser-Pryce in the final 20 metres and was closing with every stride. However, Fraser-Pryce had too much of an advantage and crossed the line raising one arm skyward in celebration and ecstasy.
The clock stopped at 10.76, 0.06 shy of the championship record, the second fastest time in the world this year and a mark only she has beaten in 2015.
Schippers herself had an outstanding race clocking 10.81 to trim 0.02 off the Dutch record she had set just two hours earlier in the semi-finals.
In the space of one night, Schippers took a huge 0.11 from her Dutch record and must now go into the women’s 200m, an event Fraser-Pryce has decided not to run, with huge confidence.
Another additional statistic is that Schippers became the first athlete from the Netherlands to win a women’s 100m medal at a global championship since the great Fanny Blankers-Koen, the IAAF female athlete of the 20th century, struck gold at the 1948 London Olympic Games.  
Behind the leading two, Bowie backed up the prevailing mood that she was a smart medal chance following her outings through the rounds and took the bronze in 10.86.
Campbell-Brown, the world champion in this event eight years ago and competing in her fifth IAAF World Championships, rolled back the years to run an impressive 10.91 while Trinidad and Tobago’s Michelle-Lee Ahye took fifth in 10.98.
The big disappointment was Nigeria’s Blessing Okagbare who, after running 10.89 in her semi-final earlier, clocked 11.02 for eighth, although it should be noted that nobody has run so fast and brought up the rear a women’s world championships 100m and it will be little compensation that she would have got on the podium at six previous editions.
Steve Landells for the IAAF  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bolt's "Extraordinary record of dominance" - IAAF

Photo from

The sound you did not hear was the sound of Usain Bolt's empire come crashing down.

On Sunday night Bolt won his third World Championships 100m title in the stadium where it all began at the 2008 Olympic Games.

No world record this time – it was a moderate 9.79, his fastest of the year but slowest of all his championship victories. No show-boating at the finish. No time to make even the slightest mistake as he had with a stumble in the first few strides of his semi-final.

He faced the toughest race of his career. Justin Gatlin was on top of the world list, undefeated and seemingly invincible. In contrast to Bolt's semi-final, Gatlin had won his with consummate ease in 9.77. No fewer than five times this year has he run faster than Sunday night's winning time.

It loomed as Bolt's 'Rumble in the Jungle' moment, the people's champion – he got a greater reception even than China's Su Bingtian – against a mean opponent many of us thought he could not beat.

But in an eerily uncanny mirror image of the semi-finals, Gatlin stumbled and lost form as he strove to hold Bolt off to the line. Bolt has often said over the years that if he was within reach of anyone at 50 metres, he could beat them home.

This night that belief was put to the test. Bolt was behind Gatlin at half-way, but close enough. You could almost see his self-belief kick in. Bolt puffed out his chest and charged from there; Gatlin ran like a man trying desperately to hold on to what he had.

It all started for Bolt at the Bird's Nest. He won the 100m in a world record, repeated the trick at 200m and then repeated the same feat – dual wins, dual world records – at the World Championships in Berlin a year later.

Daegu in 2011 brought the only blip on Bolt's CV, a false start knocking him out of contention in the 100m final. But he won the 200m and London 2012 and Moscow 2013 brought two more individual doubles.

It is an extraordinary record of dominance that few expected to be maintained here.

The semi-final round had thrown up any number of statistical 'firsts', including the first nine-man 100m final at the World Championships as Su and Jimmy Vicaut could not be separated to thousandths of a second for the eighth spot.

The final was just as prolific by the numbers. Trayvon Bromell and Andre De Grasse, the next generation of world sprinters, tied for the bronze medal, each of them running 9.92 after long collegiate seasons. Mike Rodgers was an isolated fourth in 9.94 before Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell and Vicaut were all given 10.00 in finishing sixth, seventh and eighth.

Su, cheered to the echo, was ninth and last in 10.06, but it has been a year of constant advance for the Chinese sprinter. The first Chinese man to run under 10 seconds with his 9.99 in Eugene earlier in the year, he repeated that time in the semi-finals in becoming the first Chinese athlete to reach an outdoor World Championships sprint final.

And so Bolt leaves the Bird's Nest on 23 August 2015 just the same way as he left it on 16 August 2008 – as the world's fastest man, if not outright, then at least when it counts. Bolt did not blink when facing his toughest assignment.

Perhaps we should not have been surprised. Bolt is a hero, and going back to an earlier Hollywood cliché, the hero always escapes in the final reel.

From IAAF Website

Jean Lowrie-Chin