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Rebuttal of CERN's safety arguments

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The Origins of the Universe: A Crash Course by Brian Greene in the New York Times

JTankers said...

Brian Green's article is well written and compelling, but it may not be correct. The safety opposition alleges that CERN is misrepresenting the certainty of safety.

A small number of scientists have analyzed CERN's safety arguments in detail and written papers in support or in rebuttal.

Some of the papers were written at the request of CERN and some were written independently. The independently written papers tend to have a common theme, safety is not known.

Most recent papers reviewing Hawking Radiation conclude that black hole evaporation is fundamentally flawed conjecture. For example anti-matter is energy not anti-energy as Dr. Hawking argued more than 30 years ago.

CERN's particle physicists (micro physics) also use astrophysics (macro physics) to conjecture that cosmic rays of higher energy than the LHC prove safety.

But at least one astrophysicist, senior German Physics PHD Dr. Rainer Plaga argues that CERN's safety conjecture does not prove safety.

Another senior German visiting professor of Physics, Dr. Otto Rössler, author of Chao's theories Rössler Attractor and founder of Endophysics, argues that if the Large Hadron Collider creates slow moving micro black holes they may grow rapidly and pose a threat to Earth in years, decades or centuries.

Former cosmic ray researcher, California math champion and Nuclear Safety Officer Walter L. Wagner first discovered flaws with CERN's cosmic ray safety arguments, he filed suit in US Federal Court to require proof of safety before high energy collisions begin.

The flaw with CERN's original safety argument is that micro black holes created by cosmic rays would all pass through Earth and into space at nearly the speed of light.

Micro black holes created from head-on collisions in particle colliders would travel too slowly for all to escape Earth's gravity.

CERN's LHC Safety Assessment Group acknowledged this fact in March 2008, but changed their theory in the disputed 2008 safety report.

A European lawsuit alleging potential danger from the Large Hadron Collider is also pending.

Support the effort to require a safety conference before high energy collisions might begin in weeks or months at

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