Friday, March 13, 2009

Denis O'Brien - featured on Forbes Billionaire List

The World's Billionaires (edited - from Forbes)

#305 Denis O'Brien
Net Worth:$2.2 bil

Fortune:self made

Source:telecom - Founder, Chairman of Digicel Group

Country Of Citizenship:Ireland
Education:Bachelor of Arts / Science, Boston College, Master of Business Administration

Marital Status:married, 4 children

Colourful, cussing cell phone mogul, already operating in dozens of Caribbean islands, is quickly expanding in the South Pacific in such places as Fiji, Tonga and Papua New Guinea, despite coups, riots and government threats to nationalize.

He endears his firm to masses by lowering prices and upping philanthropy. Angry mobs in Haiti's food riots last year spared his phone stores from burning and looting out of respect for the "Company of the People."

Spent $700 million buying up shares in Irish newspaper company, Independent News & Media, in effort to oust former billionaire investor, Anthony O'Reilly; stake now worth $50 million. Also has interests in radio stations, online recruiting sites in China, and Portuguese resort.

Son of human rights activist, started nonprofit Front Line to fly activists in danger out of hot spots.

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  1. My gosh, I had no idea that Denis O'Brien had so much guts, going to countries that are hostile. I believe he would serve well on security issues.