Saturday, July 18, 2009

TONY DEYAL LAUGHTER! 'Give me a break'


Jamaica Gleaner | Saturday | July 18, 2009

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What is the difference between God and an orthopaedic surgeon? God doesn't think he is an orthopaedic surgeon. I suppose God's ubiquity is part of the reason. You can find God here, there and everywhere among the common people but orthopaedic surgeons are much more particular - you find them only in high-class joints. We take God for granted but orthopaedic surgeons demand an arm and a leg for their services even when the problem is a finger or a toe.

As I kept repeating to my friends and family alike, I took a break from the afternoon cricket practice with my son and his friends. At first, because I was having a swell time, I thought it was a sprain and tried hot water, ice and various unguents but when the pain refused to go away and the swelling seemed to be going up rather than down I exchanged the rub for a doctor who rubbed me the wrong way.