Monday, August 17, 2009

OMG - did you see???

Flashback to Beijing - Shelley Ann triumphs again!!!

Comments from BBC Website a few minutes ago!

Fraser, who is the fastest speaker I have ever heard, says: "I came back from the semis with a different spirit. It feels good to be Olympic champion and world champion. I'm glad we went out and just did our best."

Get involved on 606
From MEANZ on 606: "omg did you see that start!! its was mad quick!!"

2043: What a start for the Jamaican. Not quite the dancing of Bolt. More like jumping around like she's got drawing pins in her shoes. Fabulous. Kerron Stewart second in 10.75, Carmelita Jeter in 10.90. Shelly-Ann Fraser started brilliantly. She's got a very forward, neck-forward technique. Michael Johnson says: "It was like she jumped out of the blocks and put pressure on everybody. She already had a metre on the field at the start. The Jamaicans are dominating with technique and speed. Lots of fun to watch."

Gold medal
2040: On your marks. Here we or two shouts from the stadium. Settle down please. Women's 100m GOLD goes to Shelly-Ann Fraser in 10.73

2037: Michael Johnson says this 100m final is going to be fun. He predicts a photo-finish. Jamaican flags are going mad in the crowd.

2032: The women's 100m final coming up. Forget Bolt, Gay and Powell for a second, this is going to be electric. Jeter is my bet. What do you reckon?

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