Monday, September 6, 2010

RIP Carlos Lopez - message from Peter Brooks

September 6, 2010 will be remembered by me and probably many other Georgians as a day of monumental importance as it marks the closing of a chapter of one of the great stories of our fine institution.

Early this morning, Carlos Lopez, the most selfless and generous human beings it has ever been my privilege to know passed from this world to answer a higher calling.

As a former athlete at St. George’s (and it was impossible to be an athlete in the decade of the 70’s without him touching your life) I say goodbye to my friend, my mentor, my father and confidant. Carlos was all that and more to so many of us back then and no amount of words can adequately capture the gratitude I have for the man and the sorrow I feel now n his passing. If ever there were a man deserving of the hi
ghest honours our school can bestow it would be him.

Please offer your prayers for his soul and never let his memory die.

Funeral arrangements are being finalized but should be at the Holy Trinity Cathedral sometime between now and September 18.


Peter Brooks

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