Monday, December 20, 2010

Reduce your speed!

Message from Dr Lucien Jones - Convener of the National Council for Road Safety

Pray for a big reduction in car crashes and fatalities. The Police have received 50 brand new speed guns. An intensive speed reduction campaign is now being conducted by the JCF islandwide, daily (night and day). They will be on highways, bad spots where crashes frequently occur and along roadways near to places of entertainment. They will also be on roadways near to events/fetes held over the Christmas season and new year .

They are also checking for seat belt use (front and back) and are doing breathalyser tests etc. Zero tolerance approach being taken by the JCF.

The JCF is now using a NEW fully automated traffic ticketing system (soon to be officially announced) which will easily detect drivers with outstanding tickets. Obey the rules of the road. Drive defensively. Look out for pedestrians. Don't become a statistic!

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