Saturday, April 23, 2011

Honours For Dr Carol Jacobs - CBMP Chair

Chair of the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP), Dr. Carol Jacobs was recognised and honoured as a "national treasure, regional stalwart and international icon" by the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP). The PANCAP Award of Excellence was presented at their historic 10th Anniversary Annual General Meeting recently under the theme: 'Reflection and Renewal'.

The ceremony's attendees included Caribbean Heads of Government; Mr. Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General; Dr. Michel Sidibeⅴ, Executive Director, UNAIDS; high-level government officials; regional and international donor agencies of the partnership; and media.

Dr. Jacobs was one of six Caribbean citizens recognised for their outstanding contribution to stem the region's HIV pandemic.

Dr Jacobs is the daughter of the co-founders of the Jamaica Family Planning Association Dr Lenworth and Mrs Beth Jacobs. It was the Jacobs' initiative that resulted in Jamaica's successful Population Policy.
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