Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jamaican 'moron' twins fight Canada deportation

Total morons - giving their poor Mom a heart attack! - J

Jamaica Observer | Thursday, July 21, 2011

TWO 19-year-old Jamaican-born but Toronto-raised twins face deportation from Canada after robbing a grocery store of CA$30 and 16 packs of cigarettes, reports the Toronto Star.

Keshawn and Dushane Edwards have been in custody in London, Ontario since August last year for robbing the store in Pond Mills with an unnamed young offender, who has been sentenced.

The twins assaulted and also robbed the store manager who described them as "utter morons" and asked that they receive the maximum sentence possible. The prosecution is seeking at least two years.

Meantime, their mother has suffered a heart attack.

They face being immediately deported to Jamaica unless they can raise their immigration bail money in time. They have been granted one final adjournment to August 18.

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Jamaican 'moron' twins fight Canada deportation

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