Friday, September 30, 2011

Ja Computer Society - leaping into the future

Important communique from the Jamaica Computer Society - we're "Likkle but Tallawah"!

The Jamaica Computer Society opened its 2011 Knowledge and Exhibition Forum at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston on Thursday 29th September. The theme of the 2011 event is "Certification: the Key enabler for the Knowledge Economy".  President and Council Members in continuing the focus of their administration on the critical role of the human capital asset in the ICT sector, reiterated the rallying cries for the 2010-2011 administrative period of

"Likkle but Tallawah" and "Punching above our weight class".Platinum sponsor for this year's event is Anixter.  

The nearly 80 attendees in this year's event are eagerly participating in Security +, Project +, Web Design and 3D Animation training classes.

During lunchtime on Thursday, the participants were addressed by Regional Manager for Microsoft, George Cobin on emerging solutions for unifying technologies for increasing personal productivity and business effectiveness, locally and globally.

Over the past year the "Likkle but Tallawah" theme has gained tremendous traction and will be the background soundtrack for the Knowledge Society Foundation's 16-part series  to be aired on CNS starting  Wednesday October 5th.   

Jamaica Computer Society "Likkle but Tallawah is strong message for leaping into future"

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