Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who is Usain Bolt's Lubica?

He might be the world's fastest man but Usain Bolt eased up recently to plant one on his designer Belle Lubica.
- Jamaica Observer exclusive photo (click title for link)

Info below from Wikipedia

Lubica Kucerova (born 27 April 1983), also known as Lubica Slovak, is a Ryerson University graduate and designer, who was born in Slovakia, but now resides in Jamaica.

Lubica's early childhood influence was her grandmother who was a seamstress. She debuted her self titled fashion line Lubica in Toronto at the LG Fashion Week in 2005 and has created several collections under her brand: Blue, Bliss, Bloom, Toucan, & Trinity.

The Lubica line includes bikinis, resort contemporary women's wear wear and is inspired by the tropics. Lubica is also recognized for her partnership with international recording artist Tami Chynn in opening a female boutique named Belle in Kingston, Jamaica and also their collaboration is designing the award winning Anuna collection.

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