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Kingston, Jamaica, April 20, 2012:  Wynton Hudson's Hennessy Cognac creations won him first place at the Kingston Regional Finals of the Hennessy VS Jamaica 50 Bartender Competition. The event was held at the Macau Gaming Lounge and Bar on April 19, 2012. 


Cognac lovers were treated to an array of Hennessy VS mixes as they sampled the signature blends made by the Regional Finalists. The Bartenders were in their element as they captured their audience with colourful descriptions of their entries as well as fanciful displays of talent, throwing and catching bottles filled with liquids.


The Judges and audience seemed equally impressed as they sampled the concoctions and nodded in approval of some of the mixtures - and there were many to be tasted. With exotic titles such as Hennessy Pasa Passa, Hennessy Mass Dappa, Henny One, Berry Rumpus, Mystic Mojo, Henness D Menace, Henny Situation, Aaaaaaahhhhh, Henny Amore, Meet Me Half Way and Hero's Legacy, the mixes offered much promise.

But Wynton Hudson's Hennessy Espresso Razmatini and his Class by Hennessy topped the competition and won him the coveted title of Kingston Regional Winner.  Mr. Hudson won for himself a Hennessy plaque, J$10,000.00 and a gift basket.


Interestingly, there was a tie for second place which went to St. Aubyn Kidd for his creations, Hennessy Passa Passa and Hennessy Mass Dappa and Ryan Mitto for his creations Henny One and Mystic Mojo. Third place went to Phillip Lovejoy for his concoctions Meet me Half Way and Eat, Shot and Drink.


Wynton Hudson will join the three other Regional Finalists in the showdown of the Mixologists at the Grand Finals. This will be held on April 24 at the J. Wray and Nephew Corporate Complex in Kingston.







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