Sunday, June 2, 2013

Corina Meeks, Brilliant PR Guru - RIP

Corina Meeks was a brilliant communications leader, a trailblazer for the PR profession in the region. Her trademark excellence, elegance and good humour heralded a new respect for practitioners, a boon for her younger colleagues. We will be forever grateful for her contribution and extend condolences to her family.
Rest in Peace, dear Corina!

Below is a statement from the Public Relations Society of Jamaica, with highlights of her distinguished career.

PRSJ Statement on the Passing of Member, Corina Meeks
Kingston, June 2, 2013:
The members of the Public Relations Society of Jamaica (PRSJ) express our respect for the professional career of our member, the late Corina Meeks, who died on Thursday, May 30.

Mrs Meeks was a communications practitioner who made her mark in the public sector at the Office of the Prime Minister and the Agency for Public Information (API now called the Jamaica Information Service) and in private practice as a director of Creative Projects along with PRSJ member Easton Lee, (now the Revd Easton Lee). The career of Corina Meeks spanned more than 40 years.

Her specialist skills included writing, executive management counselling, and the building of strategic business collaborations.

While in the public sector, one of her more notable projects was the 1969 public education programme that supported the decimalisation of Jamaica's currency. Mrs Meeks served as the Executive Director of the API from 1977 to 1980.

As a private practitioner, Corina Meeks was a long-term strategic communications consultant to the corporate management corps of the GraceKennedy group. From the 1980s to the late 2000s, her services were utilised by this and other major corporations, including the Jamaica Producers Group.

The PRSJ notes that Mrs Meeks personal standards helped to build respect for communications as an integral component of organisational management from the level of corporate governance; and to position communications management as integral to retail and personal brand management.

Mrs Corina Meeks is also remembered as a practitioner whose was able to be a mentor of, and a collaborator with peers, even while holding her own in a competitive business environment.

We extend our condolences to her husband and other family members, and her many friends and colleagues.
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