Friday, August 22, 2014

KSAC - delay implementation & lower rates for senior citizens

The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons ( CCRP ) is pleased to see the following statement from the KSAC...  

Kingston August 22, 2014:         PNP Caucus (KSAC) councilors met today and reviewed the issue of the proposed increase in the JUTC fares and proposed

·       1.  That the increased fees be delayed;

·        2.  That the increased fees be consistent and the same for both students and seniors at $30.

We understand the financial position of the JUTC and the daily losses of approximately $10million. At the same time we are concerned about the timing of the increase at a time when persons are preparing for back to school. We are conscious of the increased cost that parents face at this time as in relates to; books, school fees etc. We want to suggest that the increased fees be implemented in October.

The Caucus is also concerned about the impact on the elderly. This fixed income group will be adversely affected. Our suggestion is that the increased fare be consistent and the same for both students seniors at $30.

We understand that the bus service has been traditionally subsidized for the commuters in the Kingston and Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR); we understand that all Jamaicans including rural residents are paying the full economic transportation cost, while their tax dollars are being used to subsidize KMTR commuters.

We stand ready to engage JUTC in exploring ways of achieving cost containment while maintaining quality service.

We also stand ready to provide opportunities to engage our citizens in understanding the issues confronting the JUTC in its efforts to provide a reliable and efficient bus service.

Angela Brown-Burke
Chairman PNP Caucus (KSAC)

876-823 0526

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