Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Are we serious about our children?

Excerpt from Jamaica Observer column by Jean Lowrie-Chin |  2 Feb 2105

WE have been mourning the loss of so many precious children over recent weeks. Our severely stretched children's homes are barely coping on limited budgets, even as more parents are appealing to them to take their children because they "can't manage".

Meanwhile, a Canadian couple I know was turned down a second time recently, in their effort to adopt a Jamaican child. They had lost a child tragically some years ago and had heard that Jamaica had many needy children. They were introduced to a baby boy whom they began to support while filing papers. After hopeful signals and preparation of a beautiful nursery -- I saw the photos -- they were refused.

However, they decided to once again see if they could adopt a little one, this time by private arrangement. They heard about a woman in very trying circumstances who wished to give up her baby daughter for adoption. They received the full written consent of the birth mother. I remember a joyful e-mail from my friend saying that, finally, all was well and soon their baby would be home. No such thing! Once again they were turned down.

As an adoptive parent, I cannot even imagine the agony of this couple, as I remember the nightmares I had when I was awaiting the final word from the authorities. There were press reports about two years ago regarding a couple who had been taking care of a motherless child for years, pleading for adoption papers to be approved before the child turned 18, before she lost her right to inheritance. I am dearly hoping that the time did not expire -- and puzzled that this was even a problem. What sort of policies are these preventing our children from enjoying a secure future, even as more of them are running away from children's homes and some are losing their lives so tragically?

Last week, the Adoption Board had newspaper ads inviting applications. I trust that those who do so will not be faced with the difficulties and heartbreak that many others have had to suffer.

Reader comment:

I have many family members who were born after i migrated and i have a loving relationship with them some of whom i met after they were born.I help to support some of them financially, motivate them and be there wherever i am needed, but yet , my sister's husband died and she was left with five children to raise on her own and when i tried to adopt i was told the child would have to be living with me for a number of years.
My son who is now a US citizen, married and has child of his own and grew up with some of his relatives, he came to America when one of his cousins was two years old and still he could not adopt this child. i just do not understand the red tapes. Why let the these children live in poverty, in need of care when there are people some of whom have good relationships with these children who are willing to adopt them and raise them in a loving home. If our money is good enough to send down there to support them why cant we adopt or sponsor even our relatives so we can be even there for them more! One of my niece has a medical condition that needs surgery from birth, she is now ten years old, still never attended school and still waiting on the surgery. One of the agencies told me to send the money to help which i have been dutifully for years . Why cant i adopt this child, take her to live with me where i would be able to get her the best medical care!

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