Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Winford Williams - Media Personality of the Year!

Congratulations Winford Williams!

Journalist and media entrepreneur Winford Williams was named the Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica Media Personality of the Year at their Awards event last week.  The citation recognized his well-researched programme 'Onstage' which now has its own website and has contributed to the global popularity of our music and musicians. Over nearly two decades, the humble, widely respected Winford has built his career on his unyielding insistence on excellence.  Well done!

Winford's Journey

Born in Rural St Andrew, Winford Williams’s career in media spans almost twenty years. Winford entered the scene in 1991 as a Sales Executive at Power 106 FM and within a year became an outstanding contributor in, not just Sales and Marketing but also in the area of content creation and production for the new radio station. In 1994, as a result of his extraordinary achievement at Power 106, Winford accepted an offer to join CVM TV where he continued his ground breaking career in Media Marketing and Production. Being a new station CVM had ample room for innovations. Williams’ unwavering passion for music, affinity for Jamaican culture, and aptitude for Entertainment productions was immediately put work in positioning the one year old TV network as “The Entertainment Choice of Jamaican Television”.

After making his initial contributions to television programming as a Producer/Presenter in a 30 minute concept called “Vibes”, in 1997 Williams developed a program that would become a cohesive component of Jamaica’s Pop Culture and history, a one hour concept we have all come to know as, “Onstage”. Shows such as “Hitlist” and “The Party” are just two of the other hit TV programmes for which he has the distinct accreditations of Creator and Executive Producer.

Winford’s humility and hard work in Entertainment Journalism has carried him all over the world. He knows no bounds in getting the story of the artiste, the music or the event; be it the Grammy Awards in LA, Reggae artistes on tour in Europe, Africa and the Far East. At the same time, Williams’ enormous experience in marketing and production coupled with his huge fan base has been used to fuel the growth of shows that have become staple events on the Jamaican Entertainment Calendar – among them Rebel Salute, Reggae Sumfest and the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

A past student of Oberlin High School trained and experienced in Entertainment and Marketing Management as well as Media and Communication, with a phenomenal sequence of achievements and experience, Winford Williams is now one of the most respected Entertainment Journalist/Producer and Media Marketing Gurus in the Caribbean

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