Friday, November 4, 2016

Kudos Dr Donovan Calder

One of the proud moments at last month's National Honours Ceremony, was to see Dr Donovan 'Danny' Calder being conferred with the Order of Distinction - Commander Class. 

This brilliant, humble ophthalmologist and entrepreneur has made his family, friends and colleagues proud, witnessed by the large turnout at his celebration at the Jamaica Pegasus.

As he traced his journey from Allman Town to his comfortable St. Andrew environs, he told us of those days when his family shared premises with several others, who though poor took pride in decent family life, Godliness and cleanliness. 

"Poverty is not squalor," he reminded us as he described the care the residents took in keeping their surroundings orderly, and their enduring mutual support.

The example of his parents is mirrored in the strong family he and his inspiring wife Diane have raised.  They run his business together, famous for the long waits of his patients who keep returning because once they get into his office, they become the only patient in the world for this gifted doctor. 

Congratulations Danny and Diane!

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