Monday, January 2, 2017

CCRP - founded to honour my Mother & other mentors

With my beloved Mother Mrs Maisie Lowrie
who inspired the creation of CCRP 
After celebrating the 30th Anniversary of my company, PROComm (PRO Communications Limited), I decided to create and sponsor an organisation to honour my parents, Maisie and Joscelyn Lowrie, and other senior mentors.  Thus was born CCRP (The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons), launched in April 2010.
CCRP is a non-profit membership organization for persons 50 and over, retired or preparing for retirement. 
It is operated out of the offices at PROComm and funded by both the company and my own private funds, over J$15 million to date.

CCRP Board Director Mike Fraser
who advocated for our CCRP-Sagicor
Health Insurance
When our sister-company, PRODEV embarked on the development of the Phoenix Central professional complex, I ensured that the comfort of our senior members was considered in the design of the building. Thus there is an elevator with grab bars, large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. The Jamaica Suite comfortably seats 150 persons for our meetings as well as other activities, and the elevator goes to our finished rooftop where our members enjoy games evenings and fetes.
We are working to make the organisation self-sustaining, and are grateful to Sagicor for offering a Major Medical Health insurance for Seniors, and our over 60 discount partners.
Distinguished Line-Up of 2016 CCRP Legacy Awardees
At right is Honorary Chair Professor Hon Denise
Eldemire Shearer

The main goals of CCRP are: 

  • To ensure that retired persons are allowed to contribute to national and regional development as we acknowledge their vast resource of expertise, and experience.
  • To provide services to enhance the lives of retired persons and their families in the Caribbean community.
  • To serve as a unified voice for its members.
  • To be a powerful lobby group for national and regional issues, particularly those related to retired persons.
Headquartered at PROComm's offices, Phoenix Central, at 2 Phoenix Avenue, CCRP has established links with similar organisations in the Caribbean and in the Diaspora. 

For more information, please visit our website at

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