Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Food for the Poor Easter Prison releases

Sandra Ramsay & and Correctional Services Officials brief freed inmates at last Christmas FFP Prison Release

Excerpt from column 

by Jean Lowrie-Chin 

published in Jamaica Observer 2 April 2018


This is the 20th year of the Food for the Poor prison ministry programme which has seen the release of hundreds of non-violent inmates at Easter and Christmas, by paying their fines. Among the 113 released in the region for Easter, were two women from Fort Augusta and three from the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre, Richmond Farm Adult Correctional Centre and the Black River Police Station. Each was given words of encouragement, a hot meal, personal care items and money for transportation home.


"I prayed for God to provide something new for me and my family, something different for us to start over… a new life," one of the women said through tears. "I believe, with all my heart that Food for The Poor coming here today to pay my fine, is a direct answer from God. Even last night, I prayed and I said, 'God, free me please' and today, I am a free woman."

Additionally, more than 7,000 former inmates also have benefited from Food for the Poor Jamaica's (FFPJ) "Fresh Start Programme" that helps with profitable jobs, such as welding, carpentry and farming. Two young brothers in St. Catherine who previously had their fines paid for by Food for The Poor started a successful car-washing business - FFPJ staff and local police officers are some of their most loyal customers.

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