Thursday, May 8, 2008

No Visa Required

I am floating in the sea with my eyes closed. I am six years old again, on a school outing. I picture the tiny huts, no hotels, as we pick our way through the bushes to arrive at the pristine beach. Ahh, Negril. Nor winding road, nor snorting truck will keep me from her beaches. Negril is another country without the interminable airport security checks.

I lose myself in nostalgia on my way through Sav-la-mar. As we drive past Hendon Circle, I am always startled to see the petrol station where our church used to be. Glancing down Great George's Street, I remember the beloved library, the fountain where we posed for many childhood photos, and the little grocery shop where our newly widowed mother had eked out a living. We head to Negril via Lewis Street, looking wistfully at the few tall palms, remnants of the beautiful tree-lined driveway that led to our schoolhouse.

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  1. I only we could visit all the wonderful places of the world without the borders imposed by visa requirements and the uncomfortable feeling of being subjected to security checks. But I guess since I live in Jamaica I can still visit the beautiful things this island has to offer. The only roadblocks I face is the cost and high gas prices.