Saturday, May 24, 2008

'Your Son Too' (for Lee Boyd Malvo)

Your Son too (for Lee Boyd Malvo)
by Jean Lowrie-Chin

(Band: Kumbaya Lord, Kumbaya
Kumbaya Lord, Kumbaya - Continues to play under poem)

Who that yu say?
Pastor Johnson come to pray?
That cold-heart man jus’ full o’ chat
Tell him to go away!

Who that now?
Miss Brown? Toppa-top lady in the town?
Say she sorry for mi?
But she sorry late
After she help seal mi pickney fate.

When I find meself pregnant
I get confuse
Pastor say I have no excuse
Beg a kotch for mi baby, Miss Brown refuse
Oh Lord, Kumbaya!

I send mi pickney from pillar to post
Everything I work, him get the most
Teacher say him bright
Get everything right
Oh Lord, Kumbaya

Mi boy getting bigger
I try get visa
They turn me down,
So is back with Miss Brown
Then mi good fren’ whisper
'No visa for Antigua'
Oh Lord, Kumbaya.

Man nice caan done!
Treat mi chile like a son
Mi boy get a father
To take him to America!
Oh Lord, Kumbaya

I hear bout sniper and pray for mi son
Lord, protect him from that wicked gun…
Oh God! The news reach me!
It buckle mi knee
Mi boy chain like slave
In the land of the free
Oh Lord, Kumbaya

Follow mi finger
Jamaica, Antigua, America
Look! is a hook!
And my son get jook!
Nerve gas soldier wreck him head
And now them say them want him dead!
Oh Lord! Kumbaya!

Miss Toppa-top, Missa Parson man
You can turn yu back
And wash yu hand
Blame mi for taking up wid man
But me and God know what is true
Lee Boyd Malvo is your son too!
(sung – Oh Lord, Kumbaya)

(c) Jean Lowrie-Chin

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