Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sr Mary Bernadette Little Scholarship

What a great morning at my alma mater, Alpha Academy! Our Alumnae Assn Florida Chapter led by the beautiful Patsy Lee (fab tennis player in our day)and the irrepressible Addy Chin launched the Sister Mary Bernadette Little Scholarship Fund with presentations to two recent graduates who are currently studying at the UWI. The thank yous were so heartfelt that there was not a dry eye in the room.

Sister Bernadette was as elegant and as inspiring as ever - and of course we all sat up straighter as we listened to her.

The local and Florida chapters also announced their participation in the Alpha mentorship programme. We heard encouraging reports from current mentors Lily (Hoo Ping Kong) Chen and Anne Marie (Talbot) Smith, and commendations from Alpha Board Chairman Joyce Archibald.

The presentation was preceded by a lovely Mass in the Chapel said by Father Ken Richards with readings by Rheta Chen and music by Sister Marie Chin.

We were delighted to hear that Velia Espeut was now the Religious Advisor at the school - and even moreso when she graced us with her song.

Among my contemporaries present were Gail Chung, Elsie (Lue) Lau, Helen Moss-Solomon (soon to return from Washington to invest in tourism), and Hermine (Lee Hing) Metcalfe. How refreshing to be back at Alpha and be with our classmates - better than any spa day!

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