Saturday, June 13, 2009

From Michael Nugent in New York - HIV/AIDS

I attended an explosive meeting this morning about HIV/AIDS. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc., in collaborations with other non-profit organizations put it on. The title - REAL MEN FIGHT AGAINST AIDS Community Action Summit.

It was very powerful, the Congressman Gregory Meeks, who put on this for the community at the York College in the center of Jamaica and, C.Virgina Fields, the past candidate for president of the US was present, and she gave me a card because she is now the President/CEO of National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc.

Gregory Meeks gave a powerful speech and seem to understand the need of blacks in the community, by large New York City that we here having the highest affected HIVS, outdoing San Francisco, and other known areas around the US.

I was trying to get the statistics that was presented to us, but the goodly Blayne Cutler, MD., PhD director left the building but I was told to seek it through Meeks office. What I can recall, was that the numbers are very high and people are walking around with this deadly virus without knowledge and those that have it fail to tell.

They were saying that it is alarming and mad about African Americans are the highest at risk and new numbers are showing an everlasting disappointment.

Rev Al Sharpton, spoke about it on a taped video message to the group. Now this alarms me because there are many Americans traveling to the Caribbean and our people have subjected themselves to this virus, by offering themselves to the mercy of sex tourism and the government's health department might be aware of the staggering numbers or hiding the real facts to prevent fallout with that market.

They briefly spoke about the guns without getting off the subject that is killing our people, no different from what is going on in Jamaica.

The Moderator Jeff Johnson is well known and he did a great job providing us with graphic evidence and is passionate about is work, they had this guy, who became a Reverend when he got diagnosed with the virus 22 years ago, by giving blood, I meet him along with other panelists who have families with the virus. He looked so good.


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