Monday, January 18, 2010

11 am Monday - Haiti Update from FFTP

MON 18 JAN 2010 - Update on Haiti operations from Food for the Poor 
11 AM
Update on the Lynn University Students.  For the most recent and up to date information please look at this link and website. 
Crews are still working at the Hotel Montana to locate everyone. They saved the coowner of the Hotel Montana Sat night, Nadine Cardozo, she was pulled out of the rubble and is fine.
FFP has arranged aircraft shipments into PAP coming from Jamaica consisting of bottled water and from FL medical supplies, water and food.  Fed Ex and Spirit Airlines is helping with this process and the shipments arrived last night into PAP and is now in our warehouse in PAP. We thank Fed Ex and Spirit airlines for assisting us with these shipments.

FFP Fl is also sending container shipments into Cap Haitien, the North part of Haiti. We will be inundating the North with supplies of Food, Water and Medicine to handle all of the people that will be inundating the area.

The Jamaica Defense Force is housed at our office complex in PAP of approximately 150 defense force.  They will use our trucks and facility to offer us massive security.  We offer many thanks to Jamaica. The Jamaican civil engineer team are helping to assess all of our programs and assist with fixing structural engineer of buildings.

Liony and Team from the DR are acquiring all wood, cement and building materials to truck over from the DR to our office in PAP with a team to help with the construction of securing our building. "Operation Revive Haiti" is the name of this mission.  They will also bring over fuel, medicine and water from the DR.

Leann Chong our Dir of Missions/Travel has flown back to FL and is in Melbourne FL receiving treatment at a hospital. Leann will be on NPR radio tonight.  Here is the link to the promo. It can be heard in South Florida at 8 p.m. on WLRN 91.3 out of Miami.
HCA Hospitals across the country are coordinating medical supply donations to FFP.

We have been told that Leogane city is 80% destroyed and that Jacmel and Miragon are in a terrible condition.

All secondary roads near PAP Haiti are blocked from rubble.

When I speak to our people on the ground they state that the situation in Haiti is 100 times worse than what you are seeing on TV.

We are using twice the amount of fuel for our generators due to no electricity at this time.  Our water cisterns that we operate are full and we have approximately 40,000 gallons available at our warehouse.

A group of Lebanese businessmen sent on a Middle Eastern Airline a plane load of 1000 tents and 3 Tons of Milk Powder and 3 Tons of IV Solutions to FFP to distribute.

Our Creative Team is still in Haiti and some others from our office in FL who are trying to help with the situation. Mr Daniel Rouzier, our Chairman of the Board for FFP-Haiti along with other board members are involved with the operations and trying to help assist Mrs Kareen Dolce our Executive Director of FFP-Haiti.  They are all doing a tremendous job.

Our offices are working around the clock to coordinate everything and I would like to thank everyone for their hard work.  They have issued a 6 pm curfew for PAP Haiti.

Our Feeding center at our offices in PAP Haiti is operating today and we will be feeding over 20,000 people a hot meal today for lunchtime.
Items that we need the most are Orthopedic items and we are working on this to be shipped ASAP.

I ask you to continue to Pray for Haiti and for all of our workers on the ground in Haiti.
Thank you,

Robin G Mahfood
Kim M. Williams, Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
Food For The Poor, Inc.
6401 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, Florida 33073 USA
Direct Tel: 954-596-4029, Main Tel: 954-427-2222  ext 4029
Main Fax: 954-570-7654

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