Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Father Duken in Haiti

Note from Fr. Duken, a priest who works with Food for the Poor in Haiti

Tuesday 01/19/10

Cap-Haitien has not been affected physically. However, we are overflowing. Every single day, we continue to receive thousands of people getting away from Port-au-Prince. We got 2,000 only yesterday. They are students, adults and children. They have lost everything. They are starving, they are shocked, wounded both physically and emotionally. They are concerned. Some of them have families in Cap, some don’t. They just want to escape death.

Our job now is to first accommodate them, make sure they get some food, water, clothes, transportation, and medical care. Second, we must try to walk with them through a healing or rehabilitation process.

We were not ready for something like that but we do what we can.

Fuel is a big deal because everything had to come from Port-au-Prince. Communications as well. We don’t know how long this situation will last but this makes the job even more difficult.

Again thanks for all. We will survive.
Blessings. Duken

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