Monday, May 24, 2010

We, the laid-back Church

All of us who call ourselves church must ensure that this tragic situation in Kingston, never happens again. How? Have teams assigned to the offices of each consituency representative - MPs and caretakers. Learn their plans, partner with them, attend all their public meetings. If they are consorting with gangs, warn them and if they refuse to stop, expose them.
Jamaica's churches and we, their members must take the blame for this debacle - we are more numerous than politicians and gangs - yet we stood piously by and allowed this to happen to our country.
Where is the energy, the productivity that Jesus promoted in his parable of the talents?
We have failed our Saviour and even as we demand more of our leaders, we should recognise that we have fallen very short of the expectations our God has for us.
Let the heads of the umbrella groups agree on a list of actions that will ensure that churches engage on an organised and meaningful basis so that by collaborating with our elected leaders, we can deliver prosperity, not harm, to our vulnerable brothers and sisters. We must work to empower them so that gangs will have no recruits. We must take responsibility if we say we are God's elect.

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