Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mohan believes in Jamaica

Mohan and his partner Dennis Hawkins of Spur Tree Ltd as they received their award as a Bold One in Manufacturing from National Bakery's Butch Hendrickson. Looking on is JMA Executive Director Imega Breeze-McNab

My friend Mohan Jagnarine recently hosted a wedding here for his daughter. Some of his overseas guests were fearful of coming to Jamaica because of the recent negative headlines. “Once they got here,” he said, “over 90 per cent of them said they were surprised at how lovely Jamaica still was, and that they want to come back!”

They went on a tour near Dunn’s River and a few fellows offered to take their money to buy them some beers. “They were afraid that they wouldn't see the guys again, but I assured them that they would and even promised to repay them if they didn't,” said Mohan. “Well, sure enough, the fellows brought back their beers and counted out their change to the last cent!” This is the Jamaica that people like Mohan continue to believe in.

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