Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kronik now at World #2

Message from Peter Brooks - Father and Manager of STGC Old Boy Kronik:

Thanks for everyone that has been voting for KroniK's "Shake It" on the Music World Radio Top 20 Chart for the past few weeks. Through your help the song has risen to # 2in the charts. We have done well so far by garnering in excess of 45,000 votes this week. We still need your help. Ensure that you vote right now by visiting casting your vote for a fellow Georgian (Class of 2007) and my son. We also need your further help by asking you to forward this mail to as many people as you can this week so we can make a major push to get the approximately 60000 votes we need in a week to get to #1. Please remember each person only has 1 vote each week so we need it spread to as many people as we can. Not only will this be of great assistance to the artiste but it will be a great accomplishment for Jamaica, as it will be historic for a dancehall song to top one of the most diverse charts in the world . You can check out the video for the song on youtube to see what you are voting for or check out his blog address at to learn more about him. It literally takes seconds to vote but the impact can be far reaching. Thanks for your continued help.                                             

Kind regards

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