Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Many beautiful Jamaica songs

Mikey Bennett
Eric Donaldson

Tony Rebel
There we were in Canada, reading online about the controversy around the Jamaica 50 song.  We are proud that composer Mikey Bennett has taken the high ground, appealing that the matter does not become politicized.  The latest news is that the public will be invited to vote on their favourite. 

What beautiful songs we have had over the years. I remember ‘I Saw my Land in the Morning’ being sung at a National Pantomime at the Ward way back in the day.  Then those great Festival offerings, ‘This is the Land of my Birth’, ‘Sweet Jamaica is Now on the Move’, ‘Give Thanks and Praises’.  Tony Rebel’s ‘Sweet Jamdown’ and Mr Vegas’ ‘Sweet Jamaica’ are also great songs.  These are but a few and there will be many more as every generation has its own unique appreciation of our lovely island home.

It is no wonder then that Jamaica continues to get a good ‘happiness’ rating.  The last UN report released in April of this year placed us at 40 out of 160.  Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands and Canada topped the list, countries which put a high priority on social services.  In our case, it must be the family and friend connections that keep us smiling, and the many talk-shows that allow us to vent our feelings.

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