Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Siri creator Adam Cheyer in Jamaica

Richard Chen (at mike) introduces the Transcel Team
Yours truly with the inspiring Adam Cheyer
Media and business leaders met Adam Cheyer and Jamaican tech whiz Hugo Daley at a reception hosted by Transcel director Richard Chen yesterday evening in Kingston, Jamaica. PROComm is doing a project for Jamaica's software company Transcel - for which Adam is a volunteer advisor. He says he is donating his unique services because of Transcel's potential to develop micro businesses through mobile technology.

Adam is the creator of 'Siri' the ubiquitous voice-activated personal assistant used on I-Phones. He says 'Siri' means 'Secret' in Swahili and also 'Beautiful woman that leads you to wisdom' in Norwegian.

Adam who worked in Silicon Valley with the Stanford Research Institute is also a great humanitarian. He founded Change.org which has 25 million followers and has facilitated petitions causing many positive social and environmental changes.

There is so much goodwill for Jamaica - let us use it to build our beloved country.

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