Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Anniversary to Remember

So Hubie and I arrived at Guilt Trip, Devon House, and were told by the incomparable Colin Hylton that he was not giving us a menu - he would be 'sending out' our courses!
Crispy spring rolls, followed by a Red Pea Soup with Smoked Turkey - the flavours so deep and enticing, we sipped it slowly. Then a salad sparkling with surprise ingredients - molasses-coated nuts and a dressing that made my lettuce dance!
Then a juicy roasted breast of chicken with a sorrel sauce that sang Christmas carols in every morsel.
Finally the arrival of a divine dessert - a seductive trio of fruitcake-in-the-round, Colin's famous silky cheese cake and a fruit soup! Fruit soup? There you have it in 2 angles from photos above - light, refreshing with chunks of fresh fruit.
But there was also no bill for us! Our daughter Anita, a chef in her own right, had colluded with Colin to create this amazing menu and had taken care of the bill!
When we arrived home and were thanking her profusely, we found out that our son Noel was also in on the planning.
How blessed we are! Here's to my dear Husband, our wonderful Anita, cool-cool Noel and a good friend Chef Colin ... Thank you for a memorable night - 16 December 2013.

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