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Deika Morrison ( photo)
May 1, 2014 - Kingston, Jamaica:
Several distinguished Jamaicans and companies received awards at the Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) 10th Annual Wellness & Lifestyle Awards Ceremony & Dinner, held yesterday evening Wednesday, April 30 on the lawns of recently renovated Eden Gardens Wellness Resort and Spa in Kingston.

The recipients of this year’s “Wellness & Lifestyle Awards” are:

DEIKA MORRISON – Award in the category “Educational Wellness”, specifically for her role in early childhood development, through the establishment and implementation of Crayons Count, which benefits some 2,600 institutions and 130,000 children annually through much-needed, age-appropriate educational resources.

SPARTAN HEALTH CLUB & WELLNESS CENTRE – Award in the category “Physical Wellness” for their work in promoting wellness, healthy lifestyles and physical fitness in Jamaica for almost 40 years.

SOURCE FARM FOUNDATION & ECOVILLAGE – Award in the category “Environmental Wellness” for their efforts of preserving wildlife and botanical habitat, creating a life-style that regenerates, rather than diminishes, the integrity of the environment, and also for educating persons about organic farming, renewable energy technologies, and sustainable building.

Kelly Tomblin (Jamaica Observer photo)
Ms. Kelly Tomblin, President  & CEO of Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd, delivered the keynote address. The EHF presented Ms. Tomblin with a special designation – that of EHF Wellness Ambassador 2014; the first such designation being bestowed. According to Mrs. Latoya Aquart-Foster, EHF’s Project Manager, “Based on our research and observation, Kelly exudes holistic wellness in all areas of her life. Her environmental wellness is evidenced by her promotion of energy efficiency and conservation, while we see her social wellness in her transformational leadership skills which she uses to change lives, whether in her corporate or personal environment. Additionally, Kelly consistently cherishes and nurtures mental growth and stimulation and encourages others to do so, which shows her commitment to intellectual wellness. Moreover, she practices occupational wellness through her leadership strategies, which encourage staff to keep a healthy work-life balance. Further, by her dedication to personal nutrition and fitness, she is a clear believer ofphysical wellness. As noted by our CEO, Novlet Deans, Kelly not only talks the talk, she walks the walk.”

The EHF wraps up it’s 10th Annual Wellness & Lifestyle Promotion under the theme: “Wellness Redeveloped: From the inside out” on May 2.  

The Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) is a private NGO dedicated to fulfilling its mandate of enhancing the quality of people’s lives through social outreach projects and programmes. The Foundation’s key focal areas are: Education, Health, the Environment, and Science & Technology. In undertaking initiatives to address needs in these areas, the Foundation benefits from collaboration and forging partnerships with other organizations and individuals whose values are similar to those of the Foundation and who understand and share its commitment to service. Our common goal in partnership is to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

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