Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jamaica Observer lead: £7.5 trillion for slavery

 I had to post this revolutionary lead in today's Jamaica Observer! - Jean Anita
from The Jamaica Observer

Reparations commission says Ja would be due £2.3 trillion of total for Caribbean
BY BALFORD HENRY Senior staff reporter balfordh@jamaicaobserver.com
Tuesday, September 23, 2014     54 Comments

THE National Commission on Reparations (NCR) says Jamaica would be due at least £2.3 trillion (approximately J$416.3 trillion) from any slavery reparations paid by Britain to the region.
This money would be able to pay off Jamaica’s national debt of $2 trillion and set the nation on a new economic path.
The figure was based on the NCR’s calculation of Jamaica’s 30.64 per cent of the £7.5 trillion calculated by British academic theologian, Dr Robert Beckford, as being owed by Britain to its former colonies.

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  • When will we start to focus on the real problem. If Jamaica got the whole 7.5 trillion, we would be back where we are in a few years.
    We have wasteful corrupt politicians who put party before country and a lazy corrupt populace who give them undying support/
    The PM's mouth slipped: We are spending MORE to do LESS....and everyone at the stadium applauded!

  • I seriously hope that Britain, does not even glance at anything named reparation to any failed BLACK state like ours. Jamaica failed because Jamaicans allowed it to fail. The reason why Jamaicans cant even go to Britain freely is because of Jamaicans. When will Jamaicans and people of African descent, start admitting that the reason why our states cannot escape failure, is because we still think we are enslaved and continue to blame colonialism for OUR failure

    Our present situation stems directly from slavery, to say otherwise would indicate grave ignorance. Everything that occurs leads to some kind of consequence, be it good or bad. Slavery has set us back tremendously and that's very obvious. If I'm wrong, ask yourself if we would be in the same situation today if slavery didn't happen. The answer I'm sure will be NO!

    I applaud and support any move for any empire that benefitted financially and otherwise to pay reparations. Folks who hear " Reparations" immediately sees and thinks $$$.....and why not?? The JEWISH people were paid (still being paid) for their pain and suffering. Apologies have come to them from all angles and I salute those brothers/sisters for being resolute in demanding their reparations which has come in words and deeds. What people has failed to understand and grasp pis the long-term damage that slavery has wreaked on generations of people of African decent. Countries like Franch and Britain et al must be held "accountable". If that means zeroing out the Caribbean's National debt then so be it. The fight for Reparations should be a national and regional battle cry. It should be a matter of pride. REPARATIONS MI SEH!!

    I like your post. The jews suffered for 4 Years. FOURS!!!!!!. We suffered for over 600 years.

    They claim it was a bit longer than that.
  • No money can compensate for any.form of human. Bondage

    The people feel that it fair that their country be compensated for the free labor.

    Good luck collecting anywhere near that amount...didn't you hear Britain is so broke they are borrowing from China? Good luck iyah. I will work for mine..
  • Yes sireee!!! Story a come to bump. Hmmmmm so if this is owed by Britain to Jamaica I wonder how much the Spanish owes Jamaica?

    • How much do the Jamaican government (past and present) owe Jamaica.. WE are our worst nightmare... Slavery was horrific I do agree, but we were on a path of progress after we gained independence... Could you please tell me what happened?

      • What happened is that slavery didn't actually end, it just transcended to what it is now.

      • What happened was that people were delusional thinking we were on some path to progress in 60s. From looks of it some people still are. Path to progress LOL!

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