Monday, September 29, 2014

Sidjae on Perception

This week's message from ace business guru Sidjae Robinson Walia:
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Good day leaders,
In every aspect of business and society, some of the worst and most incompetent leaders have managed to retain their leadership positions and even rise to higher positions. One possible answer to this mystery is that decision makers most likely have a positive perception of these leaders. In politics, voters select the person that they like the most and who they perceive will work best for them; in business, board members choose CEOs that they perceive will achieve the vision of the company. Leaders who present an image that meets the perception of decision makers often retain their position and get promotions.

There are many leaders who are great in the technical aspect of their respective roles, but who maintain a negative perception in the eyes of decision makers for one reason or another. These leaders often feel cheated and misrepresented. As a leader, one of your roles is to manage how you are perceived by your team members, colleagues, and decision makers. Each group has different needs and different expectations. Leaders who are adept at building relationships are able to identify the needs and expectations of the community they serve and to meet them. 

How are you perceived by your peers, team members and decision makers? What steps have you taken to better understand the needs and expectation of the community you serve, and to meet them?
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