Friday, October 3, 2014

The weeks that were....phenomenal women in our region

An energising message from Joan 'Joy' Grant Cummings ...
Beloved Sistahs, "Dem A Go Tyad Fe See We Face! Dem Caan Get We Outta De 'Place' "!
These last few weeks in September have been full of amazing blessings! We are grateful for the many phenomenal contributions of women in our region to several activities and events. What a curry and 'buss-up shut' affair!

-On September 19, 2014, A Call to Action by Faith Based Organizations/Individuals for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights Post 2015 Development Agenda was formulated (a copy was sent to all). Marjorie Lewis of Jamaica, President of the United Theological College (UTC) was there;
-On September 21, the world witnessed the largest global march on Climate Change (over 650,000 with over 300,000 in New York) – the Caribbean was there in different spaces- Caribbean DAWN had  official representation in the March, at the civil society forum contributing to the UN meeting, Stephanie Kaydian Grant, who spoke on behalf of young women from the LAC region and we know in Trinidad there was a solidarity gathering – we have lots of work here to do and we need to "Big Up" Mariama Williams who has been a one-woman band of persistence in using her knowledge, experiences and her affiliated work organization banner the South Centre to work towards the protection of the rights of the Caribbean, on Climate financing and other areas – so we must get more actively involved now and ensure the new Treaty to be signed in Paris in 2015 is in our best interest. The Caribbean's tipping point is in 2030 with Jamaica expected to be the first to arrive at the "point of no return";   and 
-On September 26, 2014, the UN Human Rights Council passed a second motion, 25-14 on the human rights of members of the LGBT community. The Human Rights Council resolution—led by Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay—followed a resolution in 2011 on the same topic led by South Africa and asks the UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights to gather and publish information on how best to overcome discrimination and violence;
Despite, attempts by the "Chiqungunya" mosquito borne virus to "lick we down", here in Jamaica we were able to pull off two amazing back-to-back gatherings.  The first
-on Monday, September 29,{with the FAO} focused on the access of rural women farmers to technical services and social security, kudos to the team assembled by Linnette Vassell and the involvement of 'the author';
-On September 30, the phenomenal history making forum on "Women, Work and the (Macro)Economy" {with the IMF} – these names will go down in history – Linnette Vassell, Judy Wedderburn, Dorothy Whyte, and the motley crew that makes up the 51% Coalition.
What is triumphant about these conferences for me is the fact that women impacted by the issues challenged the prevailing norms, including patriarchy, and spoke based on their own experiences. Rural farm women, young women, women with disabilities, women of different faiths, women of different sexual orientations and  identities, household workers, community development workers, 'retired' Activist, etc. not only had their say – all contributed pragmatic solutions. The research from within the walls of our University campuses (IGDS/Mona, and different faculties) is "divine"!  The quality and the quantity of knowledge shared by women such as Leith Dunn, Heather Ricketts, amongst others,have served to super-enriching the stew.

I pray that we continue to forward our agenda as the "Post 2015 (SDG) Development Goals/Agenda starts to steam-roll into our spaces and hopefully progressive measures are agreed. Pragmatically this is where our funding resources will emanate over the next 20 years or so and funding we do need.
Look out for the update on the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on the Sexual Offences Act!  Share what's happening please!  Me know nuff tings going on, we  have to build and sharing is critical to the process1
In light and love!  Joy
 Joan 'Joy' Grant Cummings
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Caribbean Development Activists Women's Network (Caribbean DAWN)
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