Thursday, October 23, 2014

Preparing to take that flight

Our daughter left this week for a short vacation.

Here were the steps she took to minimise risk of exposure to the various viruses floating about. You may find them useful.

Be rested to be alert:
- She ensured she had a good night's sleep so that she could be alert during her day of travel.
- She also had a protein-rich breakfast.

She packed:
- Hand sanitizer
- Anti-bacterial wipes
- Dad's handkerchiefs
- Pashmina
- Scarf
- plastic bag
- medium garbage bag

In the airport:
- hands sanitised regularly, especially after exiting washroom - those doors carry germs!
- last-minute visit to washroom to avoid using the one on the plane!

On the plane:

- clean chair handles with anti-bacterial wipes, place waste in own plastic bag and tuck in seat pocket.
- don't touch stuff in seat pockets
- place garbage bag on floor under seat in front of you, then put your hand luggage on it.  Consider this - many shoes have been there before.  Imagine what gets on the bag you place under that seat ... that bag you handle so often!
- turn the air nozzle on over your head to keep area around your head clear - got this tip from a BBC article.
- keep sanitising your hands, especially before eating.
- if anyone is sneezing or coughing around you, use Dad's large kerchief to cover nose and mouth
- also, keep pashmina around shoulders so you can quickly protect face from those coughs and sneezes around you ... as well as protect others if you sneeze!
- when you pick up bag from under seat ... leave garbage bag ... the gloved cleaner can remove.

She arrived safe and sound and will follow this regimen for her return trip.
Please be safe dear travellers!

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  1. Very good advice, Jean! Will share...