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Syringa Marshall-Burnett receiving the CCRP Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Award from GG the Most Hon Sir Patrick Allen, Patron of the organisation
The Board and Management of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) have expressed deep sorrow at the passing of their founding Director Mrs Syringa Marshall-Burnett.  In 2012, Mrs Marshall-Burnett was honoured as a CCRP Jamaica 50 Living Legacy, for her life of service, not only to the people of Jamaica, but also to the profession of nursing worldwide.  Mrs Marshall-Burnett's dedication to Jamaica's senior citizens was legendary.  As Chairman of the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC) last month she campaigned for the reduction of JUTC fares, which resulted in a rollback of initially announced rates.  The former NAJ President, Senator and Head of the Senate was respected for her inclusive approach which made her beloved by all Jamaicans, regardless of their political persuasion.

"Despite her many commitments, Mrs Marshall-Burnett agreed serve as a Board Member of the CCRP from its inception in 2010," recalls Chairman Professor Denise Eldemire-Shearer. "She became a pillar of the organization, guiding policy and giving practical advice to our members at nearly all of the organisation's events.  Because of her deep faith, she was usually called upon to give the opening prayer at meetings and events, her inspiring words setting a tone of courage and respect for members of every walk of life."
A lady of keen intellect, Mrs Marshall-Burnett embraced social media and sent inspiring and practical emails to her myriad friends here and abroad.  She was a warm-hearted mentor, ever affirming and positive.

CCRP Founder and CEO Jean Lowrie-Chin wrote on the occasion of Mrs. Marshall Burnett's 75th Birthday of her global reach: "As an external examiner in nursing to the University of Nairobi, Syringa helped their BScN programme to become a reality. As visiting lecturer to the University of Botswana Department of Nursing, she spearheaded their very first annual research day. She has served on the UN's World Health Organisation Expert Committee on Nursing for eight years and was elected a member of the International Council of Nurses, (ICN, Geneva) for eight years, chairing the ICN/3 M International Scholarship Committee." 
Mrs Lowrie-Chin continued: "The St Mary-born Syringa was bright beyond her years, passing her Third Year Exams at such a tender age that she was too young to enter nursing, though academically qualified. Once she graduated from the KPH School of Nursing, she excelled at the University of Toronto and New York University, acquiring a double-major Master's Degree in adult mental health and nursing education, along with certificates in public health. Returning to Jamaica, she obtained a diploma in management studies at UWI…Marshall-Burnett has been the nurse's nurse, intrepidly ensuring the professional advancement of her colleagues. Serving at the UWI first as tutor in the Advanced Nursing Education Unit (ANEU), and later as senior lecturer and director/ head of the Department of Advanced Nursing Education (DANE), she successfully defended the retention of departmental status in the restructuring of the faculty."

CCRP noted that the legacy of Syringa Marshall-Burnett lives on in the excellence of Jamaica's nurses and the increased respect that we pay to our nation's senior citizens.  They extended their   sympathy to Mrs Marshall Burnett's husband Jasper Burnett, step-daughter Jacquie and her many relatives and close friends. May her great soul rest in peace.


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