Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Grace ISSA Shield...Campion win by 6 wickets

Photos & Report from Tony  Wong via Lloyd Tenn.. 


It was a sad day for the StGC team as we lost to Campion in the Grace ISSA Shield final. Throughout the season, the Light Blues fought gallantly throughout, fighting their way out of a disaster on many occasions. 

I am sure that those who watched the final would agree that Campion played a great game and deserved to win. They batted with great discipline on the last day to give them the victory.

It is my opinion that up to the last hour it could have been anybody's game but alas, it was not the day for St George. It will be remembered as one of StGC's greatest seasons in the Grace/ISSA Cricket competition.

My congratulations to Campion and St Georges College for making this a most exciting and memorable school boy's cricket finals. I am proud and happy to have been there at Melbourne Cricket Club.

Congratulations also to our Coach, Glendon Coke and his staff and supporters for the hard work they put in, making the STGC team a champion quality one, probably the best over the last 20 years.

Tony Wong
St George's Sports Council

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