Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Linette Vassell's milestone birthday

Linnette's 70th Birthday on March 10 brought great joy to her Jamaican and Caribbean Sisters.  Here is the Greeting created by Joan 'Joy' Grant Cummings ...


LINNETTE = "Songbird"

  Daughter, Woman, Sister, Cousin, Partner, Friend, Educator, Christian, Activist, Advocate, Mother, Grand-Mother, Writer, Historian, Writer, Truth-Teller, Advisor, Women and Human Rights Defender, Gender Specialist, Water & Sanitation Champion, Horticulturist, Supporter, Care-Giver, Leader, Communicator, Wise Woman, Wo-mentor…..and many more parts of her………
Joan 'Joy' Grant Cummings
Development Specialist – Gender, Environment
Caribbean Development Activist Women's Network
Women's Resource and Outreach Centre [WROC]
Jamaica Civil Society Coalition[JCSC]

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