Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Time to launch a love campaign

 by Jean Lowrie-Chin | excerpt from Jamaica Observer column | 6 April 2015

A weeping student at the university in Garissa, Kenya receives assistance
WE headed to Good Friday and Easter services and were moved as we contemplated the foundation of our faith, the crucifixion, and triumphant resurrection of Jesus Christ. We were emotional as we reflected on the news that 147 Kenyans, the majority of them students, were massacred at their college by terrorists because of this very faith. A student who escaped said they were asked about the Koran, and those who could not answer were shot in the back of their heads. It is understood that a room where Christian students gathered for morning prayers was targeted.

The challenge to us is to ensure that we do not allow such incidents to prejudice us against people of differing religions. Those murderers are criminals, and good people of the Muslim faith in Kenya have joined with Christians to condemn the horrific acts of al-Shabab, the group that has claimed responsibility for the murders.

Our challenge is to make this love we profess for God and our neighbour into a practical and focused instrument. Clearly, such groups as al-Shabab and ISIS are using clever marketing to win over new recruits. Three British schoolgirls secretly planned their exodus to Iraq via Turkey last month, while only a few days ago, two women were arrested in New York for signing up to become suicide bombers.

Christian churches around the world must dry their tears and make their message of Christian love so attractive, so riveting, that our love campaign will recruit millions and win over benighted souls.
As we look at films on the life of Christ, we understand the suffering and the risks taken by the apostles who travelled widely after His death to spread His good news. Most of them suffered and died like Him, but His church prevailed. Now it is under dangerous siege in several countries, and all who call themselves Christian must use all our God-given talents to plan and provide security and shelter to our brothers and sisters.

  • you are basically advocating for another prayer breakfast. wouldnt it prove more beneficial to demand accountability from those in power now?

    Well , we have many Religions and a number of Gods. Love was supposed to be coming from our heats, but sometime ''Love takes a flight ,'' as we are drawn to religious dogmas. We have seen the bloodshed and there seems to be no stopping anytime soon.
    The words of John Lennon. in his song ''Imagine there is no Country etc /'' must have gone by the way side .
    Yea mon, ah whole heap of people prays daily , but that alone can't do a thing ! You have to use your God given senses to make life better.
    I pray too, but know fully well that God will answer, when he wants and however he wants. In the mean time common sense affi rule whatever I am doing . .
    • "Tell me all your thoughts on God...I'm on my way to see HER"...I'm happy my God would be female, if I ever had need for one...!!!
      • God does not give everything that we think we want. Sure enough we have to be satisfied that his mother is a woman, it looks like that is the best we will have.
        When ,his son, Jesus met a '' a Samaritan woman ,'' at the well, in conversation he did say who is God.
        Read John 4 : 7-24 { KJV } Jesus said that God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. { I think Jesus should know and I have reason to trust him }
        The gender of God is not that crucial,since he is Spirit . Mi Glad say he is Spirit, because if he was not he could not have saved me from my bosom close enemies !
  • Jean Dearest, there is no difference between an American, al-Shabab or ISIS bombing/massacre...All are designed to cause major murder & mayhem...Religionists are "warriors" for their religion & all religions have been guilty of major crimes against humanity, as they grab for turf...All RELIGIONS. Look at the crimes the jews have committed against the Palestinians...If God was for real, such crimes would/should not go unpunished but...

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