Saturday, January 30, 2016

Great Tour of Duty, Ambassador Paola Amadei!

Members of IWF Jamaica with Ambassador Amadei (centre): Thalia Lyn, Minna Israel, Allison Peart, Jean Lowrie-Chin at Farewell Reception last Monday at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel
EU Ambassador Paola Amadei completed an energetic four-year tour of duty in Jamaica and other Caribbean and Latin American countries.  She celebrated Jamaica’s 40-year partnership with the European Union last year; we have benefitted magnanimous funding in the areas of poverty reduction, education, agriculture, housing, health and gender equality.  

The wonderful gentlemen who supported the #HeforShe Campaign, endorsed by Ambassador Amadei
Her passion for gender equality was a special feature at a farewell event held in her honour last week.  We were invited to sign our support at the UN’s website, and all the gentlemen in the room joined her for a “HeforShe” moment, captured on my Twitter page @souldancing.

Ambassador Paola will not be abandoning her ties with our region. She heads to Germany where she will take up the post of Executive Director of the European Union-Latin America & Caribbean (EU-LAC) Foundation.  We thank her for her generous engagement in Jamaica and send best wishes to her and her family.

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