Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tips for successful implementation

Mariame McIntosh Robinson receives a presentation from CEO of GK Insurance Segment, Grace Burnett after her inspiring address at the Company's Annual Business Conference last Saturday at the Jamaica Conference Centre
Mariame Robinson’s great guidelines
(Excerpt from Jean Lowrie-Chin's Jamaica Observer column published Jan 11, 2016)

The brilliant Mariame Robinson condensed a strong seminar into a half-hour presentation at a GraceKennedy conference last week.  We all sat up straighter when we heard her creds: Jamaican Rhodes Scholar, graduating from Oxord, MIT, and Harvard.  The management guru observed that our country and region were rich with ideas for great projects and strategies, but we have been falling short on the execution of these ideas.

In the coming year, we would do well to adopt her implementation guidelines:

1.     Define the metrics – what does success look like? Use process metrics to execute on time and on budget.
2.     Manage people effectively.  Coaching and development should involve getting feedback from team members, so they have ownership of the project. Ensure that the discussion is balanced and around observed behaviour, not just feelings.
3.     Suggest solutions to arrive at your ultimate goal of flawless execution.
4.     Develop a communication plan to build trust.  Celebrate early wins.
5.     Issue resolution: think about who you need to bring into the room to get advice and counsel.  Constantly ask, why? This will help to clarify issues.

She stressed the importance of integrity, to avoid the derailment of implementation. “You don’t want to be cutting corners and you should always demand the full truth.  It is important to ensure that everything is front and centre,” she advised. She noted that since we spend so many of our waking hours working, we should organise towards the goal of flawless implementation.

May I add that there are now so many nifty apps on our smartphones that we have many tools to manage our time, budgets, communication.  Please do not be shy to ask for advice on how to use these apps.  I have had many ‘aha’ moments, thanks to my young team members who are so adept with the technology.  Once you familiarize yourself, you will be surprised at how much time you can save.  

Post Script - It was announced today that Mrs McIntosh Robinson will succeed Mr Courtney Campbell as CEO of GK's First Global Bank. 

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