Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Salute to Errol Lee

His having been recently honoured as a distinguished media veteran,  this is a good opportunity to salute the generous, multi-talented Jamaican, Errol Lee, who recently was elected Lion Club's Vice District Governor for the Caribbean.  

The Knox College, UWI and Thompson Television, Scotland graduate is also well known as the leader of the Bare Essentials Band which was formed in 1971 and has been a presenter and lecturer at various tertiary institutions.  Errol Lee has been a familiar voice in Jamaica media starting with JBC, then JBC-TV, JIS-TV, Power 106 and Newstalk. 

His philanthropy embraces Kingston YMCA, the Heart Foundation, Alpha Institute, Jamaica Cancer Society and the Lions Club of Kingston Sight Project. 

He is married to PR guru and social activist, Lorna Lee and together they have not only been great parents, but also have mentored many others.

- Jean Lowrie-Chin 

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  1. Good to see an article on Errol. I mention him from time to time.