Friday, March 3, 2017

Jamaica's beautiful mountains

Excerpt from Observer column published 27 Feb 2017

Monica Schroeter stands in
front of the wooden cottage
built by Irish Town workmen.
Associates of the Sisters of Mercy had our annual retreat at the Schroeter’s home in Irish Town.  They have renovated a lovely older house, and built a lovely wooden cottage.  As we admired the workmanship, Monica Schroeter explained that it was all done by residents of Irish Town.  A neighbourhood chef had prepared some of the best gungo pea soup we had ever had. People know a lot about Jamaica’s beaches, but with more promotion, they would fall equally in love with our mountains. 

How could I have forgotten to mention
Velia Espeut's amazing plantain porridge in my column!
It was fantastic!
We heard last week that the Hendricksons had bought the Bustamantes’ former home in Irish Town, Bellencita, and it brought back memories of visits with my husband’s parents who were close to the Bustamantes. I recall hearing that they had bought the peaceful homestead from the Kennedy family, of GraceKennedy fame. 

Classic Gungo Soup
As we drove past the Blue Mountain Inn, the ladies in our group harked back to romantic evenings by the river, the elegant cuisine and the old world atmosphere, hoping that it would be returned to its former splendor.
Environmentalist Eleanor Jones has a beautiful spot, Heritage Gardens at Cold Spring, located in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, just below the Newcastle Jamaica Defence Force Training Camp. You have never seen more lush foliage, and they also offer accommodation in a quaint cottage.

The friends we have living in Irish Town and Newcastle agree that the roads can sometimes be terrible, but they wouldn’t change it for anywhere else.  Taking in the breathtaking views and enjoying the ultra-fresh air, we can understand why. 

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