Monday, March 6, 2017

The inclusive Chinese Cultural Association

CCA President
Nobel Laureate
Hon Prof Anthony Chen
Dr Kai Meng Lui
The Chinese Cultural Association (CCA), of which Jamaica’s Nobel Laureate Hon. Prof Anthony Chen is President, is open to all Jamaicans.  Our rainbow group gathers monthly to enjoy presentations organised by cultural director Dr Kai Meng Lui.  

These have included the fascinating accounts by Prof Chen on Climate Change, Dr Victor Chang of an anti-Chinese uprising in colonial Jamaica, Prof Mervyn Morris on his writings and experiences. 
A rapt audience

At a recent meeting Dr Liu gave us interesting facts on Chinese writing.  Those graceful strokes are filled with meaning!

Blessed support for my book 'Souldance' from
Most Rev Archbishop Emeritus Donald Reece 
You can understand how humbling it was therefore, to have been invited to give a lecture on my life experiences.  

As I prepared for it, I realised how blessed I had been in my parents, other family members, teachers, friends and mentors at every stage of my career.  The more successful we are, the more grateful we should be because that confidence, that courage are the result of the example and affirmation of our circle.  Their faith is that ‘wind beneath our wings’.  And so, the presentation was titled ‘On Their Shoulders’.  Thank you for such an honour, fellow CCA members.

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