Monday, October 25, 2010

Anthony Ziadie's Rainfall Stats for St Andrew, Jamaica

Weather watcher Anthony Ziadie has been diligently measuring rainfall since 2001 in St Andrew. “At my location …The total rainfall for the year stands at 71.86 inches. This is some 29.46 inches more than 2009. It has rained for 17 of the 20 days in October thus far, and was 10 consecutive days from October 1 to 10.”

Anthony prepared the chart above that shows a marked increase in rainfall in the past five years. We need to change our bad habits before they change our landscape.

Message from Anthony Ziadie - Oct 9 2010

For those of you weather hobbyists, rainfall figures for 2010 &
comparison to 2009 are:

As of Friday October 8th we have had in the Norbrook/Constant Spring
areas, 67.43 inches of rain this year. Compare that to the 42.2 inches
that fell for the entire 2009.

Of this 67.43 inches, 25.87" or 38% fell in September. This is mostly
due to Tropical Storms Matthew & Nicole which contributed 17.85
On Wednesday September 29th, a whopping 11.10 inches of rain fell in a
24-hour period. This is the largest single-day total since I began
keeping records in late 2000.

For the past nine years 2001-2009 we average 61.95 inches per year in
my location. From a low of 42.2" (2009) to a high of 81.72" in 2007.

So far in October we have had 5.83" on rain, more than half of last
October's total which was 9.75". Based on the rainfall so far &
historical numbers for October, November, & December, I am predicting
that the previous high of 81.72" in 2007 will be broken by 5 inches or
so, making this the most rainy year in past decade.

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