Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not so Perfect after all ...

How are the mighty fallen! All the things I lecture my team about - diary - check and recheck - came back to haunt me today. I mixed up the date of a workshop I proposed with representatives of a top client!
So I am retracing my steps to see how Wed became Thur in my BB and then it dawned on me - when you scroll to down to 'pm', if you go too fast you end up in the next day.
Then because I am so 'perfect', I tossed my BB to my assistant and ask her to transfer all appts I had made the day before into my desk diary. So there it was, Thursday at 4.30 - beautifully highlighted.
I spend the 3 days before the workshop on 'What Editors Want' interviewing folks, editing my Powerpoint, marking pages in my Strunk and White.
Wednesday at 5.15pm I get a call - WHERE are you?
I am getting ready to emcee Dr Henry Lowe's book launch, I say.
We are here at the Terra Nova waiting for you says my valued client.
Profuse apologies given, emailed, BB-ed, voicemailed - I will probably have nightmares tonight.
Right now, it is very very easy to be humble. :-(
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