Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beware of hackers on Facebook!

Beware of hackers on Facebook.

Below is the warning copied from Joan Andrea Hutchinson's page:

Joan Andrea Hutchinson: The hackers from texas are targeting Jamaican FB accounts big time. I've been hacked, Basil Dawkin's been hacked, Charles lannaman's been hacked. Who else? if you get a chat note from one of your FB friends saying "You look so stupid in this video"... DO NOT RESPOND... just delete. Now is a good time to change your password

Kimmy Lou 

I got that from you yesterday but didn't respond. Think I should still change pswd?

Joan Andrea Hutchinson 

Well yuh know say mi would not be so rude, so a mus di hackers dem. I woudl say change it, for since dem a target wi

Dorothy Cunningham 

We still don't find a cure for cancer or the common cold and dem people have time fi hackin?! a plague on all their houses!!

Dorrett Campbell 

I have been hacked twice

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