Saturday, March 5, 2011

Asafa, Brigitte, Melaine, Nesta, Michael love JA Food!

Melaine Walker, Michael Frater, Nesta Carter, Brigitte Foster-Hylton and Asafa Powell admire the fresh produce at the well-stocked stall of Angela Jarrett. They were on hand at Coronation Market for the launch of the Eat Jamaican campaign last Tuesday.

Why do our home-grown athletes look so great? Here are some nutrition facts:
 The dietary fibre in watermelon improves digestive health.
 Minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, etc. from watermelon strengthen the cells in the body. Potassium helps lower high blood pressure and prevents kidney stones and strokes while calcium helps build strong bones.

 Bananas contain vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibre. Bananas assist with the normal functioning of the nervous system.
 Bananas are rich in vitamin C and are a good source of energy.
 Bananas do not contain sodium, fat or cholesterol.

 Coconut, in most of its forms, was used by the indigenous people to help build strength, especially in malnourished individuals.
 Coconut being rich in dietary fibre, milk and tender pieces can relieve constipation and other bowel-related conditions.
 A direct application of coconut milk on skin infections, actually helps to heal it. Coconut oil is used regularly to cure and heal eczema and psoriasis scars.

 The grapefruit has no saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is rich in vitamin A, various B vitamins and vitamin C.
 Pregnant mothers should consume grapefruit as folate from grapefruit helps in the production and maintenance of new cells.
 Grapefruit also provides minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium and zinc. It is thus packed with antioxidants, which help prevent various diseases including cancer.
 Grapefruit calories are so low that it is referred to as negative calorie food.

 Guavas are one of the best fruits available, high in fibre. They are sodium free, plus low in fat and calories.
 The edible rind of a guava contains 5 times more vitamin C than an orange.
 Guava contains key nutrients like: vitamin C, carotenoids, folate, potassium, fibre, calcium and iron. Calcium is typically not found in high amounts in many fruits.

 Jackfruits are rich in carbohydrates, and a good source of energy.
 Jackfruits also contain a good amount of the antioxidant, flavonoids and provide protection from cancer and heart problems.
 Jackfruits also contain potassium, which helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

June Plum
 June plum is a good source of iron.
 Unripe June plum (Jamaican Jewish plum) contains a high amount of protein.

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