Monday, March 14, 2011

Jamaica and the Irish

Message from 'Backyard Labrish'

St. Patrick's Day is upon us and as the world  celebrates, Jamaicans will join in the celebration, 
and not just because we love a good party, we do. 
We will be celebrating the Irish and their contribution 
To Jamaica's History and diverse culture. 

As we learn from  Jamaica's 'Pieces of the Past'
by Dr. Rebecca Tortello, in the mid 1600's the first 
group of Irish Indentured Servants arrived on the 
Island. Many came directly from Ireland and others 
from Barbados, the then British Colony.
Join us this week as we continue to unravel 
Jamaica's Motto "Out of Many One People" 
with a look at the interesting details of the Irish and their many contributions. 
Backyards continues to: Celebrate, Enlighten & Preserve the rich diverse culture of Jamaica: Land We Love! 

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